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Outward Bound Activity of MoreChance

Aug. 10, 2018

Recently, the Company organized the outward bound activity for the staff, for the purpose of enriching their spare-time life, enhancing the sense of collaboration between workmates and improving their work efficiency.

On May 21, it was the Lesser Fullness (the 8th solar term). It was really a sunny day. At 9 am, we arrived at Xiaowangshan Scenic Spot which lay by the bank of Lake Taihu and at the foot of Qionglong Mountain. We walked into Xiaolongzhong activity space to warm ourselves up. Half an hour later, the coach led us to play some team-building games, such as fast muster, money pooling, hand-in-hand bending forward and backward, and the ultimate game - tearing nameplate. Everyone participated in the games actively, from which they experienced unique fun. Everyone of us broke through our limits. For instance, the coach made us predict how many times we could clap in 10S. Some said twenty, and some thirty. Surprisingly, we could clap for over thirty times in only 5S when we tried our best to do it. In addition, all of us formed a circle by taking the hands of others, with our hands crossed. It was required that everyone should keep his or her hands crossed all the time. We racked our brains to keep trying different means. Finally, we found out the way to do it.

At 12 am, as the atmosphere of intense competition faded away, we all felt hungry. The whole lamp which was roasted for four hours gave off a pleasant smell, and the freshly cooked lobsters were served. The charcoal fire and barbecue kebabs were also put in place. Next, what we needed to do was to glut ourselves with delicacies......

Through this outward bound activity, we realized that it was really necessary to work out. Only a healthy body powered ourselves to devote into work and life with great passion. This activity also deepened the communication and friendship between the staff. The major feature of the activity was the participation of our family members. With the support of family members, we could work and live more harmoniously, and our team achieved a stronger cohesiveness.

Outward Bound Activity of MoreChanceOutward Bound Activity of MoreChance