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Only Efforts Pay Off

Aug. 05, 2018

Since its foundation, Suzhou MoreChance Electronics Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the tenet of honest operation, diligence and enterprise, and win-win cooperation. In this way, MoreChance has become a successful enterprise today. An enterprise cannot live without excellent staff. Only when the staffs keep improving themselves can we have the product quality enhanced and win trust from more customers.

How to become an excellent staff? You should start from work first. Do not make a hasty decision to yourself. No matter what you want to do, do not be fainthearted. Nobody knows the result before the thing is done. As long as you have tried and made your efforts, you will not regret or be looked down upon, whatever the result is. Neither do you give up halfway. Maybe success comes at the moment you quit. If so, it is too late to feel sorry. Perhaps your life is changed by your tries.

Many people admire at those officials who they believe that appear honorable, respected and relaxed everyday. Actually, this is a misunderstanding. Generally, most people went through a hard time before they become successful. Success never comes easily. Only great efforts pay off. Just as the saying goes, the greater the power is on your shoulder, the heavier the responsibility you should undertake. Not everyone can bear the load of the power of hat. Will the Buddhist scriptures be that valuable, if Tang Monk was taken to the west by Sun Wukong just at a somersault? A steel by no means will become the sharp edge of a treasured sword, if it is not repeatedly tempered and hammered.

Success is never achieved easily. No pains, no gains. It is believed that Suzhou MoreChance Electronics Co., Ltd. will make ongoing efforts to keep improving itself, so as to gain the support from more customers. Let’s put on steam, all our staff! It is believed that with your efforts, we will have a brighter future.