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Suzhou MoreChance Electronics Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2008, Suzhou Morechance Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of magnetic components and can provide one-stop product services including magnetic materials, inductors and transformers. As a leading supplier of localized magnetic components, Maochang's diversified product line and its excellent product performance fully meet the needs of different application markets 

The company has been based in the field of magnetic components for more than ten years, and its customers are in all walks of life. Its products are widely used in servers, computer mainframes, notebook computers, smart meters, wireless communications, network communications, photovoltaic energy, consumer electronics, industrial and medical electronics, automobiles Vehicle power supply and many other fields

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Vision: To be the most competitive brand of the industry, to create sustainable solutions and to grow together with customers, employees and partners.

Mission: To provide customers with top products and services with professional and pragmatic attitudes, to provide employees with an satisfactory working environment and development space and platform, and to fulfill corporate citizenship duties.

Values: People orientation, hard work, innovation, honesty and responsibility, courage to take responsibility.

Objective: To build a high-quality team, to satisfy customers, to continuously innovate and improve products, to work together with the team, to continue to operate, and to become a reliable component supplier and solution provider for global customers.