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Positioning Management System for Two-wheeled E-bike

The system is equipped with the alarm and Beidou positioning module which help to detect the motor speed, battery level, brace position, geographic position (GPS) and so on. Then these data are transmitted to the server by NB-IOT. Today, e-bike has become a frequent transportation means due to its advantages such as low cost, low travel cost, license-free ride and so on. However, with a high speed and a poor stability, it also causes a lot of potential safety hazards. In addition, e-bikes are highly fluid, and some e-bike owners are uncooperative. All these cause a great difficulty to the management.

Positioning Management System for Two-wheeled E-bike

Positioning Management System for Two-wheeled E-bike

Users can use mobile APP to check the current general condition and the current location of e-bike, check the overall function and generate a checkup report. When the user sends a command to search the e-bike, it will ring.

System Composition

Positioning Management System for Two-wheeled E-bike 

With a total solution which achieves a combination of the hardware and the software, such as hardware device, service platform, user APP and so on, we effectively link up the manufacturers, service providers and users.

Technical Parameters
Positioning Management System for Two wheeled E bike

E-bike Binding
Users need to mount the matched hardware device, apply for vehicle license and then enter the number of hardware device and the license information to bind the two-wheeled e-bike.

Missing Reporting
In case the e-bike is lost, the user can directly fill in and submit the loss information through the APP. Then such information will be sent to the management back-end.

F-bike Locking
After the e-bike is locked, the hardware device will give an alarm if the vehicle is moved, so as to remind the owner to check its condition.

Positioning Trajectory Query
If the e-bike is lent to others or is lost, the owner can check the trajectory information and the current location of e-bike by time interval, on the APP map.

Notification Center
The notification center is actually an information search center, in which various information is provided, such as feedback information, platform notice, activity information, news information and so on.

E-bike Search
When failing to find out his own e-bike from a great many two-wheeled e-bikes, the user can use the search function to sound the hardware device, in order to shorten the search time.

Information Management
Query, modify and delete the vehicle information and the owner information. Manage, dispatch and control the existing vehicle resources.

Positioning / Trajectory Query
You can check the real-time location of all vehicles, and check the historical movement trajectory of targeted vehicle by the time interval.

Case Reporting Management
Include all the case reporting records, and classify the case status, so as to facilitate the check of retrieval state anytime.

Alarm Management
After the alarm function is set and enabled, the user can check the cause for and time of alarm and the information about corresponding vehicle through the management system.

City Report
Make statistics of the quantity of cases and the active vehicles, and form a thermodynamic diagram, so as to make it easy for the police to carry out deployment and take preventive measures.

Positioning Management System for Two-wheeled E-bike
Functions Provided

Advantages in data visualization:

Improve the efficiency of data collection, and make the data display more visualized.

Use the visual effect to enhance the legibility and the ornamental value of data.

Connect with the database to make analysis in real time and bring big data into full play.

Screen valid data to achieve a more convenient search.

Improve the interactive map to make the description and understanding of geographical location more visualized.

Intelligently monitor and analyze user behavior to predict and prevent unknown conditions.

Positioning Management System for Two-wheeled E-bike